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Go With Your Gut

Go with your gut

By Lee Jackson | 20th September 2016

A massive blocker to progress in business is over complicating decisions.

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Intention To Action

How do you move from intention to action?

By Lee Jackson | 14th September 2016

So often we can get frustrated by the lack of progress in our business, or in our lives. We have wonderful ideas and yet never seem to be able to achieve them, or move closer to realising those dreams. How do you move from intention to action?

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Generating leads from existing clients

By Lee Jackson | 23rd August 2016

As a web developer / web agency you are more often that not busy with the day to day builds. You are working out a bug, or designing an awesome layout. Perhaps you are booked up in multiple project meetings, and feel like time is being eaten up. At the back of your mind is that niggling thought… where are my next sales coming from? Who is my next customer?

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How to do WordPress backups the right way

By Lee Jackson | 9th May 2016

If you get backup included with your hosting partner GREAT…. BUT… has your business continuity plan considered the following: How are those backups being stored? Are they secure? How quickly can I access them? What happens if the hosting partner goes bust? Your website is SUPER important to you, and hours of downtime, or a…

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Back Office

Integrate client back office systems with WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 4th January 2016

When building and developing websites, the bigger picture is often overlooked. What is this bigger picture? It is known as: Full Back Office Integration. Now I know that doesn’t sound like a sexy phrase, but this is something that will add immense value to your client, and provides a great upsell for any existing or…

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Web Application

Quickly build a powerful web application in WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 3rd January 2016

With WordPress you can rapidly develop website applications that are powerful, efficient and require little to no code input. You can literally make any product you put your mind to. For example, we have had the pleasure of prototyping applications such as….

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Brand Admin

Top plugins for branding the WordPress admin

By Lee Jackson | 2nd January 2016

A clean, responsive website is essential. Often overlooked is the WordPress admin area. This monochrome admin interface can suffer from being cluttered with meta-boxes, fields, options and menu items galore. The colour scheme itself can be a jarring experience from the client’s own brand on the core site, and for those of your clients using WordPress…

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Better Brief

Help your client give a better brief

By Lee Jackson | 1st January 2016

Getting a brief from your clients can be difficult for several reasons, including:

They are not sure how to explain what they need.
They are not sure what they want.
They lack the technical understanding of what is possible.

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The ideal email setup for businesses using WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 14th August 2015

With a vast array of hosts available all offering low prices and bundling in your email hosting, it can be tempting to grab a cheap deal. However when focusing on site performance, and team productivity this is not necessarily the ideal email setup. For example, several active email accounts on a server can create an unwanted burden…

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How to make landing pages with WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 13th August 2015

Paying a designer and a developer to build landing pages can be time intensive and costly. To add to the frustration, should a particular page not convert the way you were expecting, there is more cost associated with evolving the design. You use WordPress as a business, you love how easily you can create content,…

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E-commerce plugins for WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 12th August 2015

WordPress is extremely flexible, and with the right plugins it provides functionality and speed for any number of website requirements and scenarios. One of the most common requirements of websites today is some form of e-commerce. Selling online is not necessarily a case of adding items to a cart and checking out. For many businesses, what…

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The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

By Lee Jackson | 11th August 2015

When someone mentions to us they have tried WordPress, we instantly think, “Do they mean WordPress or WordPress”? Yes, just to make things a little confusing there are two major WordPress websites both doing things in very different ways. Let’s explore the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com This is run by a company called…

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