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Validate your idea with WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 10th August 2015

Having an idea for a new product or service can be extremely exciting. The temptation is to immediately go about raising money to build the application, or to setup the business before you even know if there is a potential customer base for your idea. Unlike the startups in Silicon Valley, most of us do…

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Stay on track with the minimum viable product

By Lee Jackson | 7th August 2015

When working on WordPress builds, it can be very easy for a project to spiral out of control. Your client may have tonnes of exciting ideas, and as the system you are developing grows, your client see’s new opportunity for new features. As an agency, as long as you have agreed that these changes are…

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Why you need to plan a WordPress build

By Lee Jackson | 6th August 2015

It is tempting to jump straight into a WordPress build without spending too much time planning. It’s all easy right? What’s to think about!? There are an abundance of WordPress themes and plugins out there. The WordPress community is huge. There is a wealth of WordPress developers you can call in for an emergency if needed so whats the problem?…

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How to secure WordPress with a firewall using Sucuri

By Lee Jackson | 5th August 2015

In yesterdays post we explored the importance of having a Web Application Firewall for your WordPress website, and then we walked you through how to secure WordPress with a firewall using Cloudflare. Today we are covering Sucuri. Sucuri has evolved into more than just a WordPress firewall as they are now covering all sorts of different platforms.…

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How to secure WordPress with a firewall using Cloudflare

By Lee Jackson | 4th August 2015

Security for WordPress can be a huge concern for business owners around the world. With the growth of WordPress, it has become more and more of a target to would be hackers who want to gain access to your site either to inject viruses, or simply bring it down. With many websites out there being installed…

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Choosing the right e-commerce solution for WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 3rd August 2015

With a wide range of e-commerce solutions available for WordPress, it can be quite difficult to select the right option for your business. Simply activating the first plugin you find could yield a whole range of issues. We’ve helped build multiple e-commerce websites over the years and in today’s post, we are going to share a few of…

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Monetise your following with WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 31st July 2015

As an entrepreneur or public speaker you may have grown a large audience/following either via your social networking channels or on your WordPress website. Beyond the day-to-day services that you may already offer you may be struggling to think of ways you can generate more revenue with your community whilst adding value. Let’s explore together, some ideas…

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Ways to use WordPress multisite

By Lee Jackson | 30th July 2015

What is WordPress Multisite? WordPress has the option to run a multisite network. What this means is that from one installation you can run multiple WordPress sites, each with its own unique content set, unique URL, WordPress administration area, it’s own range of plugins activated and also a unique theme.  The “Super Admin” of the…

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How to choose the right WordPress plugin

By Lee Jackson | 29th July 2015

If you choose the wrong plugin for your WordPress website, you could be left “making do” with something that does not quite meet the business need, or be creating a headache for yourself because it’s caused you technical issues. There are literally hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins out there, both free and premium, some…

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What services to sell for WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 28th July 2015

You may be a design or marketing agency with a wide portfolio of online WordPress-driven websites. With this client base you may be wondering how further you could add extra value and also monetise those installs? Well, there are a wide range of services that you could sell for WordPress as a design/marketing agency. We’re going to explore…

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How to keep a client on brand in WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 27th July 2015

As an agency providing WordPress driven websites you may often be frustrated with the final look of the site. You can find that clients will not stick to brand guidelines and start using the WordPress content editor to enlarge text, to change fonts, to change the colours of fonts, maybe centralise text as well, and the…

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Visual page builders in WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 24th July 2015

The landscape of WordPress is changing all the time. WordPress started out as a simple content management system with the ability to create blog posts and pages. Since then the community around WordPress has grown by gargantuan proportions, and many geniuses around the world are creating and developing epic solutions to allow people to use…

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