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Lessons from hitting burnout

By Lee Jackson | 27th June 2018

A few years ago I hit burnout! I was working 18 hour days, and often weekends. Family time was non existant. I was completely miserable in my business. Long story short… I ended up at the doctors. Burnout is a tough one to tackle as there tends to be a whole range of issues that…

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GDPR Compliance

GDPR for websites

By Lee Jackson | 23rd April 2018

What is GDPR GDPR will replace the UK Data Protection Act of 1998. It looks to provide better control over how businesses use peoples data. This includes covering areas such as consent, clear policies, security and more. Businesses found to be in breach of GDPR could be fined up to 4% of their global revenue!…

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Finding Your Niche

How do I find my niche?

By Lee Jackson | 5th January 2018

Finding your niche helps you focus your energies on winning the right sort of clients for your business. This affect everything from your the services you offer, your mission, your messaging, your finances and your happiness or satisfaction in what you do. When you’ve got a wide range of clients from different industries with different…

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The real cost of outsourcing

By Lee Jackson | 20th October 2017

I was at a networking meeting recently and we were discussing time management. As we dove into the topic, outsourcing was mentioned multiple times. Businesses around the world are hiring freelancers and outsource companies to perform more and more tasks. These include admin, research, accounts, web development, programming, scheduling, social media and much more. As…

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How we record video for YouTube

By Lee Jackson | 16th October 2017

Over the last few months, we have been experimenting with ways of creating valuable YouTube content in as efficient a way as possible. We are finally at a point where everything is setup for quick video production allowing us to post three to four videos a week with very little time investment. Here is an…

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Repurposing Content

Why repurpose content?

By Larissa Meikle | 4th October 2017

Repurposing, now that’s a word I bet you hear quite a lot in agency life. The question is do we fully understand the idea of repurposing and are we using it to it’s true potential. If you are creating one piece of content be it a video, podcast or even a blog post, then repurposing…

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How to limit design revisions

By Lee Jackson | 7th May 2017

Design is so subjective…. How can you create a working relationship that allows you to be a profitable agency, whilst ensuring your client has a design that hits it's mark? Here are 5 ingredients to managing client expectations, and keeping a control of the amount of revisions under control whilst delivering the right result. We…

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Designers Designing

Why you should design the website first

By Lee Jackson | 5th May 2017

Let’s talk about why starting building the website before you’ve even designed it is the total wrong way around of doing things. Okay, so what do I mean? Well, we often have people approaching us saying, “We really don’t like our website”. To explore further we ask them what are the pain points, and what…

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Creating A Website Specification Document

An easier way to create a website spec

By Lee Jackson | 18th March 2017

The Problem Let’s face it, that second the call or email comes in with someone requesting a quote for a new web build, and that same feeling rises up inside you. The following questions and fears fly through your mind. What if I quote too much? Will I quote too little? How do I understand…

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WordPress Security

Is WordPress really insecure?

By Lee Jackson | 16th December 2016

So let’s talk about WordPress Security. First of all there is this widely stated myth that WordPress is insecure. Let’s just nip that in the bud right now. WordPress is being constantly developed by people all around the world. These are very highly skilled people who have created a really powerful Content Management System (CMS)…

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The LESS is more leader

By Lee Jackson | 21st September 2016

Leadership and “being the boss” tend to get lumped together and they can come with negative connotations. This also results in an identity crisis for those in leadership. If you do not know what a leader is, you will struggle to know how to be one.

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Learn how to motivate your team

By Lee Jackson | 20th September 2016

How do you learn to motivate your growing team? Especially as every team is different with a different dynamic of people. Each industry has unique demands and expectations. No business is the same…

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