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Visual page builders in WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 24th July 2015

The landscape of WordPress is changing all the time. WordPress started out as a simple content management system with the ability to create blog posts and pages. Since then the community around WordPress has grown by gargantuan proportions, and many geniuses around the world are creating and developing epic solutions to allow people to use…

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How to speed up WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 23rd July 2015

You’ve been told that a fast WordPress website will help improve your SEO. However when you go to Google page insights, to your horror your score is low or even in the red. What can you do about this? We’re going to cover just a few ways that you can effectively speed up WordPress. Lazy?…

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How to fix a slow WordPress admin area

By Lee Jackson | 22nd July 2015

Have you got a WordPress driven web site and are getting frustrated with the speed of the WordPress admin area (wp-admin)? An issue that we find at times when we inherit a site from a previous developer is slow performance, and a frustrated client. Out of the box WordPress administration shouldn’t be performing slow and there…

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Generating ideas for your WordPress blog

By Lee Jackson | 21st July 2015

When it comes to generating ideas for your WordPress blog, you might instantly feel overwhelmed or generally freaked out by the prospect. Hey, we were! Over the course of the last couple of weeks we’ve been experimenting with blogging every single business day with useful WordPress information and other online nuggets of wisdom. What we’ve…

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How to make your WordPress site mobile friendly (responsive)

By Lee Jackson | 20th July 2015

If you are worried about making your WordPress site mobile friendly but do not currently have the right budget set aside, or are not ready to engage in a major rebuild yet, then read on. WordPress is now over ten years old. With the changing landscape of technology, you won’t be surprised to hear that…

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How to safely update WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 17th July 2015

Most people are aware that it’s really important to update WordPress website regularly. That includes ensuring that your WordPress installation is running the latest version, but also making sure that all of the associated plugins have been fully updated. For example, just a few weeks ago, there was a vulnerability found in a range of WordPress…

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How to create a blog post in minutes

By Lee Jackson | 15th July 2015

Writing a blog can be really hard. One of the things we often find ourselves doing is staring at a blank page trying to work out the perfect opening line, or perhaps we’ll get halfway through the blog and being self-critical, want to start again, reword it or restructure it. It’s really tempting to keep…

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Web Application

Build your next web app with WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 14th July 2015

Have you got that perfect business idea for an online web app but you’re not sure how to prototype, how to test the idea, or how to validate it at low cost? Then perhaps you should consider utilising WordPress. WordPress is a lot more than just a content management system where you can manage your…

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Why we use Signable for digital contracts

By Lee Jackson | 13th July 2015

As a digital agency, clients often expect an immediacy with regards to email responses or sending updated files, etc. One of the things that can really hold up a business transaction or the development of a project can be getting important paperwork to and from the client, signed by both parties. For example, we’ve got…

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How to design for WordPress

By Lee Jackson | 12th June 2015

Design for WordPress – Theme Structure Part One I am often asked by designers, how to design for WordPress. There seem to be a wide range of mis-conceptions and myths about the WordPress design process that stress many designers out. It is my aim, and the aim of the company to remove the stress from designers…

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