Beyond your email database

GDPR is more than just your email list

Your website gathers and stores information in multiple ways. It is essential you understand what you have so that you can put the necessary measures in place.

Your website and GDPR

With GDPR, businesses are concerned with their email databases. Unfortunately many are failing to check their website as well.

Websites capture a lot of personal information via:

  • Cookies
  • Forms
  • Call to actions
  • Ecommerce applications
  • And more

GDPR covers key areas such as:

  • Consent
  • Data retention
  • Security
  • Clear policies

It is essential therefore your business needs understand how your website works, how it stores data, review your security and policies.

If you have a WordPress website and are concerned about GDPR compliance, we can help.


From £500

  • From reviews
  • Optin checks
  • User account testing
  • Cookie list and actions
  • Plugin review
  • Standard security


From £950

  • Essentials plus...
  • Code review
  • URL PII checks
  • Cookie list and actions
  • Data retention review
  • Advanced security

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