The Real Cost Of Outsourcing

I was at a networking meeting recently and we were discussing time management. As we dove into the topic, outsourcing was mentioned multiple times. Businesses around the world are hiring freelancers and outsource companies to perform more and more tasks. These include admin, research, accounts, web development, programming, scheduling, social media and much more. As…

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How We Record Video For YouTube

Over the last few months, we have been experimenting with ways of creating valuable YouTube content in as efficient a way as possible. We are finally at a point where everything is setup for quick video production allowing us to post three to four videos a week with very little time investment. Here is an…

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Why Repurpose Content?

Repurposing, now that’s a word I bet you hear quite a lot in agency life. The question is do we fully understand the idea of repurposing and are we using it to it’s true potential. If you are creating one piece of content be it a video, podcast or even a blog post, then repurposing…

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