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The podcast for designers, we talk agency life, strategy, marketing and WordPress.

Episode range from interviews with agency owners and entrepreneurs from around the world, to solo episodes with Lee unpacking agency processes, it's way more exciting than it sounds.

#112 - Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway - Imogen Allen

When you are not enjoying what you do, when you do not feel valued, and when the work no longer satisfies, it could be time to pivot. Imogen Allen shares her own journey, and taking the leap into web design and development as a result having run a VA business for some time. She shares…

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#111 - Going Against The Grain - Adam Lacey

Adam has found an industry he can serve, with a very clear problem he solves. He shares his journey, lessons along the way and shares how he is plans to adopt some methods of marketing to existing and cold leads that are quite surprising. Print is not dead, it is changing. Connect with Adam: https://laceydigital.co.uk/…

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#109 - Resetting An Agency - Paul Lacey

Paul reached a point in his agency where he couldn’t take it any more. Overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy. He was able to turn everything around through the support of the wonderful online WordPress communities, and is now creating a business that he loves. As you listen to this episode you can see his journey and…

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#108 - The Future Of WP Innovator - Lee Jackson

It is time we talk about the future of WP Innovator. There are some significant changes happening and I want to share our plans with you, the community. To get on the list click here. I launched Angled Crown over 4 years ago to solve a problem that I knew agencies had. poor code stressful…

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#107 - De-Stressing Your Agency - Jeffery Patch

This is an open conversation where we unpack our own experiences of what has been asked, and hopefully share some insight and some tips in how to deal with what you are struggling with. This stream unfortunately will not have ALL the answers, nor will it try sell you any 5 step systems either. We share some no bull advice with each other.

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#106 - The Power Of Storytelling - Frank Candy

Public speaking is an amazing way to build up your personal brand, as well as get exposure to your agency. Welcome back our main man Frank Candy, who shares his years of experience in travelling the world and speaking.

He shares the power of storytelling, and tells us a few hilarious stories along the way. Get your Rolodex’s out…. this is a good one.!

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#105 - Monetising Maintenance - Jeffery Patch

Often agencies find themselves doing updates, and general maintenance on websites for free or for a very low cost. This can be very unfulfilling, and can in some cases lead to a breakdown of the client relationship when things go wrong. Jeffery realised he was not charging for the amazing value he provided, so he…

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#103 - Growing Brand Awareness And Credibility - Jack Fleckney

Meet a client who has learned through trial and error how to grow their brand locally and through social media. We helped Jack establish an MVP for his fitness business of which he is focused on creating an exciting brand across the country.

Jack has invested in a great team, videos, photography, branding and has worked hard to grow brand awareness and loyalty. He is a client yet we learn so much from him and his hard work. An inspirational man that you’ll get to meet again soon on the podcast.

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