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The podcast for designers, we talk agency life, strategy, marketing and WordPress.

Episode range from interviews with agency owners and entrepreneurs from around the world, to solo episodes with Lee unpacking agency processes, it's way more exciting than it sounds.

#71 - Websites That Don’t Suck - James Rose

Call it a prequel. Today’s episode is from a project me and James did last year. We unpack his story and ethos of being web developers that don’t suck. It’s something we all feel strongly about, and so refreshing to hear the honesty of someone who cares so much about not sucking! Why prequel? Because…

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#70 - Content Automation - Hani Mourra

Is automation for you? What can you automate? Hani Mourra has been creating automation solutions for years, as well as holding down a busy job. Join Lee as he finds out… how!?? 😀 Quotes: “Set it and forget it” “Write it down and make it real” Connect with Hani: Twitter: Click here Facebook: Click here…

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#69 - Pivoting An Agency - Steve Marks

Meet the guy behind Property Hive, Steve Marks. Learn how he niched right down and went from full time web agency to replacing that income with plugin licensing in the real estate industry. Steve’s passion for WordPress and quality code is inspiring! Takeaways: Find your passion, what you love to talk about. Passion pays off.…

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#68 - Building A Better Business - Mark Asquith

Want to know how to become better at business? Learn how to with Mark Asquith the man behind Excellence expect. He knows all about niching down and challenging the client. Warning! The odd expletive sneaks it’s way in. Takeaways: It’s not just about what you say yes to you need to start learning to say…

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#67 - Launching a Premium Plugin - Brian Hogg

We welcome Brian Hogg, he is a course, plugin and podcast creator. He fit’s in eating and breathing amongst his many projects and today unpacks his experience of launching premium plugins. Thinking of launching one? This is the episode for you! Get your content out there – don’t sit on it for too long. Links…

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#66 - Using Google Adwords - Bryan Lade

Get Bryan’s tips and tricks to using Google Adwords, keywords and marketing tools to generate traffic to your site. You don’t need to pay to get yourself to the top. Focus on your keywords. This episode is sponsored by Drive80.com: They help companies who struggle explaining what they do once someone lands on their website.…

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#65 - Agency Evolution - Matt Medeiros

Matt’s family business has evolved from selling cars, to running a digital agency and creating products. Join us on the journey of Matt’s business evolution. Matt’s plugins: Conductor: Click here Connect with Matt: Website: Click here Slocum Studio Facebook Page: Click here Matt Report Facebook Page: Click here Facebook: Click here Matt Report Twitter: Click…

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#64 - Getting Client Content - James Rose

Getting content from the client can at times seem impossible. Meet James Rose the brains behind Content Snare https://contentsnare.com/. James shares his Agency journey, as well as tips for getting everything you need to make a site live. Takeaways Get your processes right. Be it the right tool you are using. Get others involved in…

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#63 - Launching A SaaS Product - David Abrams

Meet David Abrams, co-founder of Demio. He and his team have launched a new SaaS product and his journey from agency to product is fascinating. Top tips include how to grow an audience even during development. Enjoy! Plugin Tip: Pretty links: Click here Connect with David: Website: Click here Personal Twitter: Click here Twitter: Click here…

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#62 - Launching A Niche Theme - Nate Wright

Meet Nate Wright from Theme of The Crop (https://themeofthecrop.com/). Learn how he grew an audience for his new theme. Brilliant story of how he went from being a journalist to WordPress Developer & Designer. His niche? Restaurants… I like food so this is good. Connect with Nate: Website: Click here Facebook: Click here Facebook Page: Click…

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