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The podcast for designers, we talk agency life, strategy, marketing and WordPress.

Episode range from interviews with agency owners and entrepreneurs from around the world, to solo episodes with Lee unpacking agency processes, it's way more exciting than it sounds.

#103 - Growing Brand Awareness And Credibility - Jack Fleckney

Meet a client who has learned through trial and error how to grow their brand locally and through social media. We helped Jack establish an MVP for his fitness business of which he is focused on creating an exciting brand across the country.

Jack has invested in a great team, videos, photography, branding and has worked hard to grow brand awareness and loyalty. He is a client yet we learn so much from him and his hard work. An inspirational man that you’ll get to meet again soon on the podcast.

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#102 - Become A Digital Leader - Jonnie Jensen

There are not enough Digital Marketers out there. Yep! Jonnie Jensen explains the problem businesses around the world are struggling with: Finding a Digital Marketer who know their onions and can deliver. People are often promoted into the position with no prior experience and it’s time we change this.

Is it time to upskill? Is it time to pivot? Could your agency look to fill this gap for your clients? Enjoy…

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101 - Agency Life Four Years In - Justin Widdop

Justin and I both launched our agencies around 4 years ago. Join our conversation as we catch up on how things have evolved over time in his agency. From balancing a full time job and starting a business, through to a bricks and mortar business on the street with a full team. Takeaway: Work out…

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#100 - The One Hundredth Episode - Lee Jackson

We made it to Episode One Hundred! Today I share the story of the podcasts birth and its growth as well as the lessons learned along the way. We wrap up the show with some honest talk and some plans for the future. The Facebook Group: https://angledcrown.com/group Covered in todays show: Lessons learned It’s possible…

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#99 - Being Confident In Your Pricing - Pete Everitt

Pricing projects is both rocket science and a difficult as rolling jelly up a hill! Lee and Pete share their experiences of pricing and projects in agency life. They unpack a range of thought processes about pricing including the controversial “essence of a true deal” concept. “The essence of a true deal is when neither party is truly satisfied.” 

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#98 - Beyond The Agency - Vinodh David

Project to project Agency work can be rewarding yet difficult. Vinodh David takes us on their journey as they grew from freelance, to agency and beyond. They have achieved many agency owners dream, which is to move to a model of yearly subscriptions for valuable online products.

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97 - Part Two: Turning Creativity into Profit - Frank Candy

Join us again, with Frank Candy in this two part series on turning creativity into profit. Frank shares the ten points of content, the implementation, the creative brief as a management tool and more.

In part one of Turning creativity into profit. We discussed the purpose and value of creative briefs for projects, and how it is a framework or foundation for your creative approach to problem solving.

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95 - The Tuned In Service Provider - Frank Candy

We are all service providers. How do we tune into what’s really important to potential clients, or our existing clients? Frank inspires us to look at things in our live’s differently. He challenges us to ask the important questions of our clients. Frank’s goal is to help people be more profitable, productive and happier. With his…

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