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The podcast for designers, we talk agency life, strategy, marketing and WordPress.

Episode range from interviews with agency owners and entrepreneurs from around the world, to solo episodes with Lee unpacking agency processes, it's way more exciting than it sounds.

#79 - Website Terms and Contracts - Leah Hamilton

Most of us are not legal experts, so getting that bit right needs a little help. Today’s podcast is a little different. That’s right we are talking Terms & Conditions as well as contracts with Leah Hamilton from TermsFeed (https://termsfeed.com/). Her “most common mistakes” are very eye opening! I am pretty sure I’m making most…

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#78 - Done Is Better Than Perfect - Andre Gagnon

Meet Andre the brains behind Project Huddle. He’s had great success on ThemeForest as well as launching his very own answer to inVision which is truly WordPress based. We get great insight into the world of selling themes on ThemeForest, and he unpacks why he chose to go-it-alone with his new product, Project Huddle. Don’t forget your…

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#77 - Keep Showing Up - Chris Ducker

Meet serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker. That’s right ladies and gents Chris Ducker. He is an astute businessman, blogger, podcaster, author and speaker…. I know a man of many talents 😉 I absolutely LOVED chatting with Chris as we ended up shooting the breeze both before and after the recording, and we bonded over Star Wars. Sit…

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#76 - Level Up With WordPress - Brad Miller

Brad and his team at LiftUX discovered their strengths, and the untapped power of WordPress. Join the conversation as we chat through their journey and hear about the exciting companies they have worked with, and fantastic products they have created. Brad shouts out to @rogie the epic designer who helped them shape their gorgeous website…

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#75 - Transfering Design To WordPress - Dave Foy

Are you a graphic designer that struggles to transfer your designs into WordPress? Dave Foy teaches graphic designers how to use powerful tools like Elementor to transform WordPress into a blank canvas ready for greatness. (WOW, that was an amazing description. 10 team points to Lee) 😀 Plugins: Press Elements: https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/press-elements/ Anywhere Elementor Pro: http://www.elementoraddons.com/anywhere-elementor-pro/ Connect with…

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#74 - Build The Agency That You Want - Brent Weaver

Brent Weaver teaches people to build agencies they way THEY would like to work. His focus is on YOU and what you want out of your business. He shares his own journey and awesome lessons learned. Quotables: Don’t create what you THINK you need to create. If you don’t have the resources, you need figure…

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#73 - Execution is Everything - Troy Dean

Troy Dean is the rockstar of execution. With two successful online communities and successful businesses Troy drops wisdom and amazing actionable advice on this episode. Be prepared, this is NOT your normal episode. Enjoy! Troy’s Sites: http://www.wpelevation.com/ https://www.rockstarempires.com/ WP Elevation Podcast: http://www.wpelevation.com/the-podcast/ Rockstars Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rockstarempires/ Recommended Agency: http://www.studioalto.com/ Go Daddy Article: http://bit.ly/2qvje5R

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#72 - Your Content Strategy - Simon Thompson

Meet Simon owner of Content Kite. They focus on helping digital agencies get more leads through content. Listen out for his insights into ROI content marketing and the benefits of repurposing content. Takeaways: Repurpose content, look at what is performing well and make that post into a podcast. Make your content consumable on different platforms.…

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#71 - Websites That Don’t Suck - James Rose

Call it a prequel. Today’s episode is from a project me and James did last year. We unpack his story and ethos of being web developers that don’t suck. It’s something we all feel strongly about, and so refreshing to hear the honesty of someone who cares so much about not sucking! Why prequel? Because…

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#70 - Content Automation - Hani Mourra

Is automation for you? What can you automate? Hani Mourra has been creating automation solutions for years, as well as holding down a busy job. Join Lee as he finds out… how!?? 😀 Quotes: “Set it and forget it” “Write it down and make it real” Connect with Hani: Twitter: Click here Facebook: Click here…

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