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The podcast for designers, we talk agency life, strategy, marketing and WordPress.

Episode range from interviews with agency owners and entrepreneurs from around the world, to solo episodes with Lee unpacking agency processes, it's way more exciting than it sounds.

#88 - Be The Boss - Nachum Kligman

Having recently completed a campaign through AppSumo we talk to the CEO and CoFounder of Book Like A Boss. From selling candy at school, through a difficult crowdfunded project, and now to successful bootstrapped online SaaS solution that is growing fast and evolving.

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#86 - Tell Your Story - Sarah Moore

What do you do with social media? What should you post about? What will attract people to your business, to your services, to you? Sarah Moore unpacks the importance of telling stories via social media. She explains what types of stories you should be sharing, and how along with her normal mix of practical tips.

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#84 - Craft Your Message With Video - Mike Doyle

You know video is important for your business but what on earth do you say and do? Mike Doyle is an animation legend and video genius. He tells us what we should be talking about in our videos, and how to structure it. We get vulnerable and let him break down what we should be saying as an agency.

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#83 - Local SEO - Rob Watson

What is Local SEO? How do we optimise a site for local searches and traffic? Rob Watson from Click to Sale tells us his story, and we unpack his recent blog post on Local SEO. Oh and we hit him with our favourite question… “is SEO dead”?

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#82 - Beaver Themer - Robby McCullough

The team at Beaver Builder have created something historic! Beaver Themer…. Best described as a theme building solution that reduces, if not removes the requirement for code. We find out how it came about and ask the tough questions.

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#81 - Stay The Course - Gerry King

Running a web agency is challenging and many end up quitting the journey. Meet Gerry King from I Netco Ltd. He’s been rocking web design and development since the beginning of the 21st Century and is still going strong. Be inspired, be encouraged and grab hold of the lessons he’s learned along the way. Takeaways…

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#80 - Is SEO Dead? - Pete Everitt

Is SEO Dead? Pete Everitt from SO The Agency give’s his take on that VERY controversial question. We also unpack his journey and glean valuable insights into how his agency does business, and how they add amazing value. Slide deck Be sure to grab the FREE slide deck “Demystifying Digital Marketing” here: https://angledcrown.com/sotheagency Takeaways: Comparison is a…

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#79 - Website Terms and Contracts - Leah Hamilton

Most of us are not legal experts, so getting that bit right needs a little help. Today’s podcast is a little different. That’s right we are talking Terms & Conditions as well as contracts with Leah Hamilton from TermsFeed (https://termsfeed.com/). Her “most common mistakes” are very eye opening! I am pretty sure I’m making most…

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