How we record video for YouTube

Lee Jackson | October 16, 2017

Over the last few months, we have been experimenting with ways of creating valuable YouTube content in as efficient a way as possible. We are finally at a point where everything is setup for quick video production allowing us to post three to four videos a week with very little time investment.

Here is an unprofessional video of how we try to create a professional video…

When you setup a system like this, you are making the process of content creation a simple routine that allows you instead to focus on the actual information you want to share. In the past we’ve had little space to work with and spent an hour at a time unpacking our equipment to record one 5 minute clip. Having the space to set everything up permanently has been a huge time saver.

Here is the tech we bought and use (Approx £600 investment):

D3300 Camera:

64GB Card:




Boom stand:

Rode Micro:

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